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Digital Inverter Welders – Considerations in Manufacture Sales Support

I got to thinking this morning about how digital inverter welders have impacted the product range and pricing of inverter welding machines available in Australia today. The evolution of welding machines is driven by three influencing factors. 1. The manufacturer must offer relevant and technologically advanced welding machines in order to attract customers. 2. The manufacturer must keep production costs low in order to offer competitively priced welding machines. 3. The manufacturer must consider building reliable welding machines in order for their brand to be trusted and flourish. The diagram above shows a simplified explanation of this relationship. Enter […]

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Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welder by Tokentools P/L Australia

Metalmaster 250P Pulse Mig Welder by Tokentools

The staff at Tokentools have been working diligently to release our 250 Amp Pulse Mig Welder before Chrissy. After months of testing and program tweaks we are pleased to announce launch date is Monday 17th November 2014. Pulse MIG welding has been simplified by allowing the operator quick access to the most recent setting so micro adjustments may be made on the fly. Different from standard MIG welding, the pulse feature allows two voltage characteristics, a ratio between them and a rate of repetition. Peak Volts – The upper voltage that […]

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3 Welding Rotators From Tokentools Pty Ltd

Portable welding positioner for a tight budget

Welding positioners are great tools and anyone on a tight budget in need of speeding up the the weld time of circular objects will benefit from any of the welding positioners available from Tokentools. It is important to consider the welding speed required of any object placed onto the positioner. This is easily calculated by using pi or 22/7. Take a measurement across the diameter of the object and multiply it by 3.14 The ROTA300 Welding Positioner has a minimum speed of 1 revolution in 1 minute (1 RPM) therefore a workpiece with 300mm diameter […]

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plasma cutters for sale pilot arc pac50p

Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter For CNC Plasma Cutter Machines

Further development, re-engineering and fussy insistence by the engineers at Tokentools has delivered another winner. Today we introduce our enhanced pilot arc plasma cutter, the PAC50P. Pilot arc functionality provides compatibility with CNC cutting tables, our 5 year parts and labour warranty gives peace of mind. The Metalmaster PAC50P pilot arc plasma cutter will suit both the hand held hobbyist and budding CNC entrepreneur. Easy to use features, a pilot arc cutting flame, inverter power source add up to make this one heck of a desirable product. Contact the staff […]

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Multi Process Welders Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of multi function welders

Today we sold out of our Multi Function welder, the ACDC Tig plasma called “Alusync”….again :). A quality product with 5 year warranty backed by competent staff will always be in demand! I am taking a moment to address one of the most common questions asked by customers about these types of welding machines. It is a question of reliability of multi process machines compared to typical ACDC machines without the plasma component. There are many acdc tig welders for sale in australia and it seems there are a lot of […]

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Kar333 Kidney Kar Rally

Kidney Kar Rally 2014 Day 1 – Tokentools Sponsorship Kar333

A quick update that the Kidney Kar Rally for 2014 is underway and your help is still needed. Please spare a few bucks and support Ted and his team in #Kar333. Please follow this link to the donation page. Day 1, Four testing rally stages for the first day of this years kidney kar rally,made up of one class 3 stage and 3 class 4 stages, but mostly on good conditioned roads lunch today was at the araluen valley hotel where the staff were very excited about us coming Distances […]

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metalmaster 215 elite multi-process welder plasma cutter

Metalmaster Multi-Process Digital AC DC Tig Welder Plasma Cutter – New From Tokentools

When Tokentools started manufacturing R-Spec welders more than a decade ago we could not have predicted the huge customer base and product variety that would be around in 2014. It has been a wonderful journey and tonight heralds the launch of our latest digital offering. Built on the same modern platform as our Metalmaster 210 Pro ACDC welder, this new model features all of the same features as the former with the added benefit of a 50 amp pilot arc plasma cutter. The Metalmaster 215 Elite Digital is a multi-process […]

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Metalmaster Welders Launched @Tokentools #Metalmaster #Welders

Today we launch our latest project codenamed “Everlasting Gobstopper”. Our newly engineered  inverter welders bearing the trademark of Metalmaster provide an abundance of features that can only be summarised as “Awesome fully configurable MOFO welding power source” The new range is divided into two groups, the Alupulse Pro 210, Alupulse Pro 250 and Alupulse Pro 315. These machines have high bandwidth AC/DC Tig welding, Pulsing, AC + DC Hybrid Wave, VRD and much more. The variant to the Pro series is the Elite range that features a Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter also. […]

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End of Financial Year Sale EOFYS Tig Mig Welders

Well it’s that time again, the clichéd EOFYS period where welding suppliers clear summer stock before the end of financial year by staging a huge sale event. Yes, we make it sound Parisian but  in reality it is just an opportunity to give our customers another reason to get welders for sale at  excellent prices.  Throughout the month of June we will be putting selected welding products on sale at reduced prices. Check back on our online store regularly for updates during the EOFYS event. All welding machines available during the EOFYS period […]

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Multi Process Welders, mig tig stick plasma welding equipment

The Alusync Multiprocess 200 amp machine is a great product for situations where portability and work space constraints are important. Featuring a fully adjustable TIG mode for both AC and DC currents including pulse welding in both modes, a stick welder and plasma cutter this product will appeal to a broad market segment. The product includes all the torches and cables to get each job done and with a 5 year warranty that covers parts and labour stands apart from other machines in it’s class.

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Welding Positioner Chuck Available in Several Sizes

To compliment the range of Tokentools Welding Positioner machines available here several welding positioner 3 jaw chucks are available also. The 3 jaw chuck unit has a swivel handle that allows for rapid opening and closing of the jaws and having only 3 jaws means they are self centering. If buying the welding positioner and 3 jaw chuck together a further discount is available. Orders can be made for the 3 Jaw welding positioner Chucks at this page or by calling Tokentools P/L on 1300 881 991.

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Welding Positioner Range Expands

Tokentools Pty Ltd continues to grow it’s range of welding positioners with two new models added to the product line up. The new welding positioner models include the ROATA350 and ROTA450. Whilst all 3 models including the smaller ROTA300 feature digital controls, foot pedal and automation outputs, the two new models have a larger spindle bore and slower rotational speeds. Head of product development, Peter Jones, explained….”It is imperative one calculates the rotational speed of the weld before investing in a welding positioner. By multiplying the workpiece diameter by Pi […]

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Welders For Sale Save Today

You can judge the strength of an economy by the amount of welders for sale so Australia must be doing things right. A demand for welding machines from the manufacturing sector keeps welding machine sales humming along and this in turn drives product innovation up and keeps prices down. A winning result for the customer indeed! Tokentools Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated family business specialising in all types of inverter welders for sale. We stock ACDC Tigs, Migs, Synergic Mig welders, Arc welding equipment, Plasma cutters and […]

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Best place for a tig welder

Right here, you found it, the best place for a Tig welder is at Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies. We stock a range of Tig welding machines for all types of welding applications. Cost effective DC Tig machines for those on a budget. Our welders feature a 5 year warranty but we do allow customers to shorten the term if they wish to save even more. Our AC DC Tigs have all the features an advanced welding artisan requires including pulse and arc balance control, high quality Tig torch hardware and […]

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Alupulse TIG Welder – ACDC TIG Welding Machine on sale

The current special on the Tokentools Alupulse 200 ACDC welder has been extended until March 15 2014. Priced at a very competitive $1299 with free delivery and a 5 year warranty we believe this price brings sophisticated tig welding equipment into the more than affordable price bracket. Call the showroom on 1300 881 991 to discuss your welding needs today. Stocks are strictly limited.  

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Welding Machines Australia – Pickup In Store or Buy Online

Tokentools Pty Ltd is an independent manufacturer of welding machines distributed across Australia. Products may be shipped to your door or picked up from our showroom at Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW. Tokentools stock many different welding machines with the online webstore providing easy selection and comparison of product features. For example, the MIG210S Synergic Welding Machine is very popular. So what is a Synergic Mig welder and how can you benefit? Synergic Mig welding machines provide incremental current pulses which form small droplets of similar sized molten […]

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AC DC Tig Welder Alupulse 200

ACDC Tig  Welder Alupulse 200 Amp Inverter Welding Machine The Tokentools Alupulse 200 is a 240 volt full arc control, AC & DC TIG / MMA, HF TIG welding power source. Loaded with features like high frequency start, up and down slope, adjustable AC frequency with a massive 10 to 300Hz range, repeat (latch) function, MMA welding functionality you’ve got the penultimate unit designed for precision AC DC TIG / MMAW welding of all weldable materials. The machine features push button activated HF Arc Ignition and a Gas Solenoid for […]

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First Welding Supply Store In World To Accept Bitcoin – Tokentools Australia

Tokentools Pty Ltd is the first welding equipment and supply store in the world that is accepting Bitcoin (BTC). In a move that demonstrates their confidence in this emerging decentralised commodity Tokentools hope other vendors and parts suppliers follow suit. Whilst Bitcoin is only 4 years old it has reached an an exchange rate in excess of $500 Aud in recent trade according to figures obtained from the online Bitcoin exchange MTGox. With the surge in popularity amongst Chinese investors Tokentools aims to position itself to benefit from Bitcoin trade […]

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Welding Equipment Buy Online Shop Compare

New welding equipment may be purchased online from Tokentools and shipped to your door directly at no cost. The welding supplies available from Tokentools are manufactured to a high standard and if you are researching products to buy online then using an online store to compare features, specification and price can be of great benefit. For example, if you were searching for a MIG welding spool gun you would find the Tokentools  price including delivery is cheaper than that in most welding shops. The mig welding spool torch is fitted with […]

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Features AC DC Tig Welder Alupulse 200 Amp Inverter Welding Machine

Product Description A 200 Amp TIG Welding Machine, the Tokentools Alupulse 200 is an Inverter driven ACDC Pulse Tig Welder fitted with a 15 Amp 240 volt Australian plug. Providing full arc control, AC & DC TIG welding and MMA stick welding the HF TIG welding power source is loaded with features like high frequency start, up and down slope, adjustable AC frequency with a massive 10 to 300Hz range, repeat (latch) function, MMA welding functionality you’ve got the penultimate unit designed for precision AC DC TIG / MMAW welding […]

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Tokentools Welders Website Restructure

Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies has grown as an independent Australian Welding Equipment Brand and continues to manufacture quality welding machines and accessories. Dramatic growth in the online sector has brought challenges but also provided an opportunity to restructure our online businesses. Our root domain will now serve to provide corporate information, updates, news and customer support. The online shopping portal has been relocated to the new welding store. Our customer service team is available on 1300 881 991 to help with any questions you may have.

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