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Oxygen Welding Gas Buy & Not Rent

Oxygen Welding Gas Buy & Not Rent

Competitive pressure has seen welding gas prices in Australia fall to levels that favour the home welding enthusiast and tradie. Speedgas has been growing rapidly and supplies many thousands of customers across NSW, SA, QLD and VIC. Purchasing your welding gas cylinder has never been easier and with the swap and go system you simply return the empty gas bottle for a full swap.


During the exchange process you can select a different gas also as there are no restrictions as to what you swap to. Tokentools Welding Supplies can assist you with transitioning from your current rental cylinder to outright ownership in a few simple steps. We offer Pure Argon Welding Gas for TIG welders, an Argon CO2 Oxygen mix for Mig welding of mild steel known as Argon 5/2 and pure oxygen for Acetylene users.


We believe our prices for welding gas in Australia are very low and are happy to beat a competitors price with suitable documentation.


Current welding gas prices are as follows;

  • C Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $195
  • C Size Cylinder – Refill – $45
  • D Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $335
  • D Size Cylinder – Refill – $95
  • E Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $469
  • E Size Cylinder – Refill – $149
  • G Size Cylinder – First Purchase – $559
  • G Size Cylinder – Refill – $179

To understand how the cylinders stack up for value we have provided the table below showing how much initial ownership costs per litre of gas and also how much the refill cost is per litre pf welding gas. This table will assist in getting a better understanding of how our welding gas prices compare against the hire bottle arrangement. Remember there are no ongoing fees and charges when you buy your welding gas cylinder outright.


  • C Size Cylinder – 600 Litres – First Purchase – 32.5 cents per litre
  • C Size Cylinder – 600 Litres – Refill – 8.3 cents per litre
  • D Size Cylinder – 1700 Litres – First Purchase – 19.7 cents per litre
  • D Size Cylinder – 1700 Litres – Refill – 5.5 cents per litre
  • E Size Cylinder – 4000 Litres – First Purchase – 11.7 cents per litre
  • E Size Cylinder – 4000 Litres – Refill – 3.7 cents per litre
  • G Size Cylinder – 8700 Litres – First Purchase – 6.4 cents per litre
  • G Size Cylinder – 8700 Litres – Refill – 2.0 cents per litre


As evidenced by the above display, the biggest discount is available by purchasing a G Size welding gas cylinder. How does this stack up to the disposable argon cans that you can get at your local hardware store? The 2.2 Litre disposable welding gas bottles contain around 1000 grams of gas charge and at 21 degrees celcius and 1 atmosphere this is around 540 litres of gas. The cost of these is around $70 excluding shipping or $100 with shipping as they are dangerous goods. You also need a special welding gas regulator as they do not take the standard welding gas bottle gas regulator and they are around $70 also. For very infrequent use they are perhaps borderline cheaper but you can deduce with a few refills the cost of disposable cylinders will soon outweigh the outright ownership of your own welding gas bottle.

For more information on Speedgas welding products please give our staff a call on 1300 881 991 or the local number in your state.








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  1. Brian Fong Reply

    Good day, I am from Vanuatu and have a few Argon welding bottles that I would like to refill and get them sent back to Vanuatu. I will send pictures of the bottles i have when you reply to my comment.



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