Pulse Mig Tig Welder Aluminium Projects At Home

Recently Andrew (T) provided feedback on his experience using the Metalmaster Pulse 250P Mig Welder and Elite 215 AC DC Pulse Tig Welder. Andrew shared images of his impressive projects.

“Just a bit of feedback for you guys. I just recently finished this 7.5 mtr Alloy boat Trailer using the 250 Pulse mig and 215 Elite tig. I’m happy to say both did a fantastic job I have been using these machines for a while now with no issues whatsoever, the tig has built dog crates boat canopies water tanks quad bike accessories in both Alloy and stainlesss steel. The mig did take a little while to fine tune but when I did what a powerful little machine that is, happy to say it’s equal to some very expensive brand names I use on a daily basis.
All the best guys (tig brush hey might have to get me one of those)”

Thanks Andrew for the awesome pics and good luck on your future projects of which we are sure there will be plenty.

Aluminium Boat Trailer Built With Metalmaster 250P Pulse Mig Welder and Metalmaster ELITE 215 AC DC Tig Welder Plasma Cutter


An impressive trailer that gave Andrew great satisfaction during and after the build.








DIY Aluminium Dog Box welded with Metalmaster MIG250P Pulse MIG Welder ans Metalmaster Elite 215 AC/DC Tig



Aluminium DIY Tool Box welded with MIG250P Pulse MIG Welder and ACDC Tig Welder (Metalmaster 215 Elite) available from Tokentools Welding Supplies


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