Welding Positioner Range Expands

Tokentools Pty Ltd continues to grow it’s range of welding positioners with two new models added to the product line up.

3 New Welding Positioners From Tokentools Pty Ltd

welding positioner

The new welding positioner models include the ROATA350 and ROTA450. Whilst all 3 models including the smaller ROTA300 feature digital controls, foot pedal and automation outputs, the two new models have a larger spindle bore and slower rotational speeds.

Head of product development, Peter Jones, explained….”It is imperative one calculates the rotational speed of the weld before investing in a welding positioner. By multiplying the workpiece diameter by Pi then by RPM it is easy to calculate the minimum and maximum travel speed for any welding operation. On our¬†larger positioners¬†this means a 200mm pipe can be welded between 125mm per minute up to 1256mm per minute.”

The new welding positioners available for sale at Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies will appeal to industry and home users alike due to the 240V input power supply, portability and excellent price. For more information please visit the welding positioner products page here or call Tokentools Pty Ltd on 1300 881 991.

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