Welding Machines Australia – Pickup In Store or Buy Online

Tokentools Pty Ltd is an independent manufacturer of welding machines distributed across Australia. Products may be shipped to your door or picked up from our showroom at Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW.

Welding Machines Australia

Welding Machines Australia

Tokentools stock many different welding machines with the online webstore providing easy selection and comparison of product features. For example, the MIG210S Synergic Welding Machine is very popular.

So what is a Synergic Mig welder and how can you benefit? Synergic Mig welding machines provide incremental current pulses which form small droplets of similar sized molten material on the tip of the Welding wire combined with the other specific relationships necessary for stable wire burn off. These droplets detach and fall into the weld pool. Incremental current pulses are unique to a given material and wire diameter and their details are programmed into the synergic welder control board. In practical terms, this allows an operator to pre-select wire material and diameter once for any welding operation, then adjust the one control that governs wire feed rate. Adjustments made by the operator are then displayed as an amperage setting providing easy interpretation of the amout of energy being supplied to the welding wire. The ‘one knob’ operation synonymous with this type of power source is the principal advantage of such a system compared to conventional non-synergic sets that require independent volts and wire speed settings that cannot be interpreted as amperage without complex calculations.

The Metalmaster 210S welding machine features Synergic DC MIG / DC MAG, DC LIFT ARC TIG, DC MMA ARC with reversible polarity for gas and gasless mig wire use. The Metalmaster 210S can bu used for aluminium welding also and has the option to add a Mig welding spool gun if running 0.8/1.0mm aluminium wires. For 1.2mm aluminium wires simply install the optional aluminium feed kit and run them directly from the machine. The aluminium feed kit consists of a XLPE liner and U groove drive roller.

Having both a constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) power source is made possible by a high efficiency 25 kiloherz IGBT quad core inverter matrix. The wire drive is made of cast aluminium with a metal gearbox. Smooth wire feed is achieved by using pulse width modulated (PWM) controller. Other notable benefits are the push button mode selections, the ability to save presets into memory, automatic current throttling that cuts in at 210 Amps protecting the machine from overloads, digital volts display, digital amps display, over 120 voltage selections in 0.1 volt increments.

The machine features push button activated wire feed and a twin gas solenoid manifold for automatic control of the shielding gas to MIG or TIG torch. When TIG welding simply connect the included TIG torch and press the push button trigger to activate the power output, you are then ready to perform lift arc TIG welding operations. A large capacity fan ensures years of high duty cycle operation.

Controlling the mig welder is quite easy and straight forward via the easy to use control panel and the steel case will provide superior protection against accidental bumps. All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. We believe this machine is the ultimate unit designed for precision MIG MAG TIG and MMAW applications for all weldable materials being offered at a price point that is affordable and a warranty that is market leading.

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