Metalmaster Welders Launched @Tokentools #Metalmaster #Welders

Today we launch our latest project codenamed “Everlasting Gobstopper”. Our newly engineered  inverter welders bearing the trademark of Metalmaster provide an abundance of features that can only be summarised as “Awesome fully configurable MOFO welding power source”

Tokentools Metalmaster ACDC Tig welder

Tokentools Metalmaster ACDC Tig welder

The new range is divided into two groups, the Alupulse Pro 210, Alupulse Pro 250 and Alupulse Pro 315. These machines have high bandwidth AC/DC Tig welding, Pulsing, AC + DC Hybrid Wave, VRD and much more. The variant to the Pro series is the Elite range that features a Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter also. These machines are known as the Elite 215 and Elite 256 that contain a 50 and 60 amp plasma cutter respectively.

As is the norm with Tokentools welders that have been proven in Australia for over a decade now and maintain a brand reputation that shames so many, the Metalmaster Pro and Elite models also feature a 5 year parts and labour warranty. Using reliable IGBT power pack components and intelligent control technologies from NEC and Infineon, the Metalmaster products offer low entry cost and extensive features in a market dominated by miserly equipped & cheaply built alternatives.

Give us a call on 1300 881 991 if you would like to receive more information about these impressive welding machines.


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    • Admin Reply

      Hi Art,

      The Alupulse 210 is a TIG welder, it won’t take the spool gun for all as it doesn’t have the MIG built in. We do have the 210 Synergic Mig for $1149 and it does take the spool gun for $235 and can also be used as a DC lift arc tig welder. Link is here


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