Pros and cons of multi function welders

Today we sold out of our Multi Function welder, the ACDC Tig plasma called “Alusync”….again :).

A quality product with 5 year warranty backed by competent staff will always be in demand!

I am taking a moment to address one of the most common questions asked by customers about these types of welding machines. It is a question of reliability of multi process machines compared to typical ACDC machines without the plasma component. There are many acdc tig welders for sale in australia and it seems there are a lot of tech jockeys out there who are experts in how these products work and their consensus is that they are no good, best avoided. The freedoms gained with the internet allows these non pier reviewed comments to take hold however in contrast our own expert and experienced voice is here to equally counter them, and conditionally neutralise them.

Cheap Welders Are Crap
If a person, lets call him “BARRY”, is going to buy a multi process ACDC tig plasma welding machine on ebay for under $600 I can guarantee it will most likely break. It will most likely break quickly and it will most likely break very loudly whilst simultaneously emitting lots of acrid black smoke. The first thing Barry will do is try to contact the seller. “OMG, my welder blew up, fix it quick”. At this point Barry realises that he only has an email address. In a panic Barry checks all his emails from ebay and paypal and cannot find a phone number nor physical store front….just the email addy that does not respond to his panicked cries of despair.

Then Barry has a rant on multiple forums and musters support, the consensus by the angry yet supportive mob is that multi process welders are crap. That’s it, no consideration for the circumstances and no thought to the fact that Barry did nothing more than the expensive equivalent of buying a $2 watch from the local discount store.

A tightwad pays twice
My mate Stewy at Titan Machinery ( often talks of tightwads that end up paying twice due to their frugal nature. I got to thinking about that and how the whole world of ebay affects my passionate area of interest, quality welding equipment.

Do it once, do it right, weld and cut in confidence
Tokentools welding products enjoy a pretty good reputation and it can be fully attributed to the staff and management. Of course the 5 year warranty gives confidence to new customers but the real back story is that the staff and management respond quickly and with concern to any issues that are raised. During the GFC we had a choice to go cheaper or go better and we chose to go better. We chose to pay more for better parts, thicker copper tracks, larger heat sinks, bigger fans, better torches. We invested in more R&D and now 6 years on can see the difference in the market. We are driven by quality and reliability. On the flip side ebay forces sellers to cut costs, compete with each other at unsustainable prices and offer crap to a marketplace full of consumers, like Barry that will most likely do nothing when their investment goes up in smoke.

Ok, I got a bit sidetracked and had a rant.

Multi Process Welders Pros and Cons

Multi Process Welders Pros and Cons

The Cons with multi-process welders are as follows. The market is unregulated, a lack of compliance allows for inferior poor quality and dangerous imports to be sold in *firewalled market places. *Firewalled Marketplace means a non transparent marketplace like ebay where the true identity of the seller is hidden from the buyer.

Conditionally as stated in Parra 3
The pros with multi-process welders are as follows, one machine, many tools and processes, save money. We offer a 5 year warranty on both types of machines whether they have plasma or not. We have not found any increased risk in all the years of selling them, if you pay for quality then it will last, that is the condition.


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2 comments on “Pros and cons of multi function welders”

  1. Howard Williams Reply

    Hi Pete . I totally agree. I bought a welder from you years back. What a great machine.

  2. Howard Williams Reply

    Hi Pete. Iam looking for a machine. I had to sell my last one and have regretted ever day. We moved and I didn’t have a place to keep my tools. And with a special needs son I wanted him to have a fair go in life. Now he is doing great after all the intervention. My question to you is do you have any used or dent scratched multi purpose 200 amp tig plasma cutting type. I have been setting up a home shop so iam home with him and getting back into building boats. When you have time give me a call. Thanks Howard.

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