Metalmaster 250P Pulse Mig Welder by Tokentools

The staff at Tokentools have been working diligently to release our 250 Amp Pulse Mig Welder before Chrissy. After months of testing and program tweaks we are pleased to announce launch date is Monday 17th November 2014.

Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welder by Tokentools P/L Australia

Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welder by Tokentools P/L Australia

Pulse MIG welding has been simplified by allowing the operator quick access to the most recent setting so micro adjustments may be made on the fly. Different from standard MIG welding, the pulse feature allows two voltage characteristics, a ratio between them and a rate of repetition.

Peak Volts – The upper voltage that is used to provide penetration.

Base Volts – The lower voltage that is used to maintain the arc whilst allowing the material to cool.

Pulse Ratio – The amount of ratio of pulse vs base. Increasing this value gives more pulse / heat.

Pulse Frequency – The repetition rate of the pulse cycle. A value of 10Hz will provide 10 pulses per second.

Pulsed MIG welding can be used for joining both thick and thin sections of aluminium. During the pulse weld process on thicker material, a cooler weld puddle is formed when compared to the traditional spray transfer process, making it usable in all positions.

A front view of the Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welding machine

A front view of the Metalmaster 250P pulse mig welding machine

Thinner sections of aluminum benefit by the reduced risk of burn-through and warping by controlling the heat input very accurately. This control often allows for the use a larger diameter wire up to 1.2mm, which increases the rate of wire deposition and productivity. The welding operator can lay more weld metal into the joint imuch faster all without adding excessive amounts of heat. Pulsed MIG welding can also allow for faster wire feed and travel speeds, again increasing productivity, while simultaneously turning down the heat input leading to decreased residual stress and distortion.

For Tig welding processes simply connect the supplied TIG torch and press the push button trigger to activate the power output along with shielding gas, you are then ready to perform smooth lift arc TIG welding operations. When the operator touches the tungsten electrode to the workpiece the output current is reduced to only a few amps and this process avoids tungsten stick, the unfortunate result that occurs when Tig welding with a standard stick welder.Upon lifting the tungsten electrode away from the workpiece, the 32 bit microprocessor rapidly reacts and increases the current within milliseconds thereby establishing a strong Tig welding arc. The arc is further manipulated based on Tig mode, either standard or pulse. As with the Pulse MIG welding process, Pulse TIG welding provides a similar benefit for thick and thin material sections.

Huge MMA stick welding capacity is available and at 200 Amps DC, puts this 26 kilogram welding power source in the same league as Granpah’s 300 kilo, 280 Amp buzz box AC arc welder. With arc force, hot start amps and hot start time, benefit from 21st century features with the confidence of owning a product backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.

A close up inspection of the front panel of our metalmaster pulse mig welder model 250p

A close up inspection of the front panel of our Metalmaster Pulse Mig Welder model 250p

Away from mains, no worries? Generator use is assured but a 10 Kva unit with AVR (automatic voltage regulator) is a must. A large capacity fan ensures years of high duty cycle operation. An easy to use membfane control panel and steel case will provide superior protection against accidental bumps. All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. Designed for precision PULSE MIG MAG TIG and MMAW applications for all weldable materials we believe this product is being offered at a price point that is affordable and a warranty that is market leading.


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