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AC DC Welding Machines

At tokentools.com.au, we pride ourselves on carrying a large range of welding machines with convenient access to information and sales via the web, we aim to service the entire Australian welding industry.

We have selected a range of MIG, TIG, MMA and Multi Purpose inverter-based welding machines ensuring we have a machine for any welding application.

Whether you’re a handyman requiring a reliable machine for DIY jobs around the home, a car enthusiast or mechanic, or a general engineer or industrial level welder – we’ve got something for you. If you can’t find the machine you want simply contact us and we’ll find the machine you need.

All of our Metalmaster welders are backed by a 60 month warranty and are sourced from leading manufacturers, allowing you to buy with absolute confidence.

Are you looking for a good quality versatile welding machine but do not have time to go to a hardware store and purchase one? Or is it, that the machine you are seeking is not available in ready stock? Are you also looking for a vendor who provides efficient after sale services without any surprises? Then, log on to Tokentools Australia and all your troubles will be taken care of.

We are leaders amongst online sellers of welding machines and cater to customers across Australian cities, suburbs and rural areas. Unlike other stores, we are specialists, and only deal in welding machines and related equipments and accessories. Visit our website and choose from a variety of products such as MIG Welders etc. We are experts in the field and sell only high quality products. Each and every product we offer is designed to delight and serve our customers.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose us to be your equipment supplier?

You may want to choose us because, we:

  •     Provide a selection of welding machines to choose from.
  •     Are Australian based and offer many types of multipurpose welders under one roof.
  •     Deal only with reputable suppliers suppliers who have fully developed infrastructure like service centres, availability of       spare parts, etc for all products including TIG Welders.
  •     Provide a massive 60 months warranty on every machine purchased through us.
  •     Provide a dedicated sales and support team to assist our customers with all dealings. Our experts will give you all the           professional advice you need and help you in purchasing the right product too.
  •     Employ technicians with experience who are available to serve you and answer any of your queries. We also offer                 information through other sources like blogs, customer reviews, feedback etc. which you won’t get in any hardware             store.
  •     Sell products at very reasonable prices, which are discounted and some of the the lowest priced in the market.
  •     Focus only on providing the highest level of service and selling welding machines of the highest quality and trusted             brands.
  •     Provide efficient and fast order processing services. We ensure that your product reaches your doorstep at the earliest,       regardless of volume, size or weight.
  •     Use fast means of transportation via reputable carriers which ensures your product is delivered to you in the fastest             way.
  •     Have an interactive and secured web platform with product information, manuals, images, videos etc. Log on to our             website and see for yourself, you’ll immediately have access to all the information you need about the machine. The             information available via our online store is 100% authentic and can be relied upon.
  •     Have a website with EV SSL certification and have a secure payment gateway for payment through Paypal, credit and         debit cards,purchase order, in store pickup, money order and EFT.

We are all about Welding Machines

Our massive range of welding machines from a variety of Australian multi purpose welders. We supply welding machines that are very versatile and may be used in different applications within industry. These are handy and do not require too much ongoing maintenance. Our website also has inverter based MIG welders which are in a class of their own, and work on 15 Amp power sources; it makes these machines portable and handy. They are lightweight and ideal for use in home workshops, rural workshops etc.

You’ll also find a huge range of welding accessories, consumables and other equipment on our website. For any sort of assistance call us directly, Tokentools Australia on 1300 881 991 and one of our expert support staff will help you. You may also send us your queries or feedback via email. Contact us to to have that new buyer experience. We are always dedicated to serving our clients in every manner possible and ensure that they choose an appropriate product for their needs. All the welders available for sale are here

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