Inverter Welder ARC TIG Miniarc 200ST

Demand for inverter welding machines and the competition in this segment of the market has never been greater and the consumer has the advantage with manufacturers bundling features in order to carve out their niche. To succeed in this segment we have launched our latest inverter welder development, the Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST aimed at the commercial segment with features that will impress and a price that will give you change from $400 and a 5 year warranty.

The Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST inverter welder features 3 modes of operation. MMA stick welding with VRD protection that can be deactivated to provide MMA Stick welding with an open circuit voltage of 70V DC. TIG welding is available using a true lift arc start so even thin stainless sheet or tube can be welded with ease. VRD mode output voltage is 15V DC and can significantly reduce the risk of injury when welding in hazardous locations.


Inverter arc tig welder with vrd

Portable Inverter Welding Machine with VRD Arc Welding and LIFT TIG modes Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST


The very portable Miniarc 200ST is compact enough to be carried by hand or over the shoulder as it has both carry handle and strap fitted, the strap may be removed by releasing the push button buckle. The welder weighs in at 6.3KG and whilst not the lightest in this market segment, it is not flimsy with a full 200Amp duty cycle achieved at 30%, 142Amps at 60% and 110Amps at 100%.


Miniarc 200ST inverter welder front including large style 35-70 dinse sockets

Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST inverter welder front including large style 35-50 dinse sockets


The Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST has industry standard 35-50 dinse sockets on the front panel and ships with 25mm copper work cables shrouded in orange PVC. A plastic carry case is included to keep your kit together and job ready. The mma electrode holder is a twist lock type rated to 400 amps and can easily hold electrodes to the maximum welding capacity of the welder. The job clamp is rated to 300 amps and has an copper equipotential bonding strap that links both jaws together enabling the current to flow to the jaws without burning out the spring loaded hinge pin.


The main control panel is very easy to navigate and contains all settings in an intuitive format. The multi function digital display shows selected amperage, power status and overheat modes if duty cycle is exceeded. Welding modes are easily selected being either MMA VRD, MMA or LIFT TIG. Amperage is digitally controlled via an analogue to digital converter so is accurate.

Metalmaster miniarc 200st inverter welder control panel

For more information the product may be viewed on the national welding supplies page or directly at this link. The instruction manual for the Metalmaster Miniarc 200ST may be downloaded here





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