Genuine Binzel MB Grip Mig Torch 15 24 25 36

Authentic Binzel MB Grip Mig Torch

Authentic Binzel MB Grip Mig Torch

Binzel has pioneered in many sectors of the welding market and one of the most impactful has been in the MIG torch arena. After sampling many Binzel knock offs usually marketed as “Binzel Style” I must say that longevity and reliability is found in originally branded gear. We have been supplying Binzel torches with our Mig welding machines for over a decade and I am proud to admit the failures are rare compared to the cheaper alternatives. Yes there is a price hit however given the cost to the average tradie when not welding due to down time, how much is it worth to be a penny pincher? As they say, a tight A!*e pays twice 🙂


You can see our range of Binzel Grip Mig Torches here. Currently we are stocking 4 metre and 5 metre MB24 KD, MB25AK and MB36KD. The part numbers and links to the products are as follows.

4 Metre MB Grip 24 KD5 Metre MB Grip 24 KD4 Metre MB Grip 25 AK5 Metre MB Grip 25 AK4 Metre MB Grip 36 KD5 Metre MB Grip 36 KD

Call our staff on 1300 881 991 or order via the online welding store at a time that suits you. All torches are shipped in Binzel boxes with contact tip spanner, one spare contact tip and an instruction manual. The Binzel series MB grip torch is fitted with a Euro connector.



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