Auto Darkening Welding Mask Helmet Shield

Auto darkening electronic welding helmet Metalmaster 9880

Auto darkening electronic welding helmet Metalmaster 9880

As Auto Darkening Welding Helmets technology advances products inevitably get upgraded. Whilst some items become redundant, others are enhanced. Today we have updated our offering of automatic welding helmets shifting to predominantly digital ADF cartridges across the entire range.

The Metalmaster Digital Elite range of auto welding shields have received a generous viewing window upgrade bringing the visible area to 98x80mm.








Metalmaster Fabricator auto dark welding shield now with digital ADF

The Metalmaster Fabricator range of auto darkening welding helmets now feature a digital ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) cartridge, fast switching speed of 1/25 Thousandth of a second and include adjustable tint shade, adjustable trigger sensitivity and adjustable dark/light delay. Now featuring a grind mode, this can be used when plasma cutting also to further experience greater versatility. A large 98mm x 42mm viewing lens, ergonomic headset and light weight Poly Vynil Chloride shell combine to provide a great value welding shield that will protect the operator for many hours of welding without breaking the budget.







Servore 6000x auto darkening welding hood now available from Tokentools in Black and Blue

The SERVOGLAS 6000X is a strong & sturdy welding helmet with dynamic design and high-quality coloring. Manufactured by Servore, one of the most trusted brands in the market, the 6000x provides a brighter and clearer vision to welders through its super-large LCD window (100*67mm) that is 50% larger than that of a conventional auto welding helmet. Additionally, it eliminates the inconvenience and stuffy feeling commonly felt due to narrow view while welding.


The challenge of heat-resistance & shock withstanding pre-requisites of a welding helmet used in hazardous and demanding industry fields has been met through the use of special new nylon material developed in the aerospace industry. Its safety has been further reinforced through a shock resistant front cover.




Servore ARC-513 welding goggles may be purchased online at our welding supplies online store

The ARCSHIELD-513, Servore Arc-513 are the first auto darkening welding goggles designed by welders for welders to provide ease of welding in tight areas and abundant comfort for prolonged use. Based on careful research and ergonomically designed for fit, they are light, comfortable and easy to live with. As the heart of the new system, and a new concept in welding PPE, the Arc-513 goggles also incorporate unique and innovative features such as a shock absorbing, heat resistant frame; a self-adjusting silicon skirt and an ‘eye-breathe’ air vent system for mist reduction and optical comfort. The front cover lens is also hard coated for extra durability and increased protection from spatter, dirt and dust.


Designed after years of research and consultation with welders and safety professionals the Arc-Shield System provides a better, more flexible solution to the demanding needs of modern welders. From confined space work to pipe fitting; re-modelling and repair of automobiles, ships and equipment; welding in¬spection, supervision and training; maintenance and repairs as well as a host of other applications the Arc-Shield system is simply the better solution.

The above products may be purchased from our online store by visiting the links below, alternatively they can be purchased over the counter at our Welding Supplies Central Coast NSW store.

Servore 6000x Auto Welding Helmet, Servore ARC-513 Welding Goggles, Metalmaster Fabricator Auto Welding Helmet, Metalmaster Digital Elite Welding Helmet


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