Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads For Welding Plasma Machines

Mine sites and Work sites for that matter contain hazards that may be mitigated by the use of specialised equipment. When it comes to extension leads, The Powersafe Earth Screened Extension Lead could save your Life!

All Extension Leads are fitted with IP66 plug and socket for use outdoors and on mine sites Australia wide. Leads are available with 1.5mm^2 copper conductors or 2.5mm^2 for increased amperage on larger welding equipment. Equally the IP66 plugs and sockets are available in 10 amp or 15 amp 3 pin single phase configuration.

What are Braided Leads?

Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads

Mine Compliant Braided Extension Leads

A braided lead or armoured cable is internally the same as a normal
extension lead however the addition  of a tinned copper braid around the
diameter of the cable that is then covered by
another UV stabilised PVC outer sheath.
The tinned copper braid is then connected to the
earth pin at the plug and socket end so if the lead
is damaged then there is more potential for the
electricity to flow to the earth path tripping the
RCD, or earth safety protection device, preventing
electrocution to personnel and protecting
equipment. These mine spec extension leads are ideal
to suit our range of mine compliant welders in Australia
Due to the inherent nature of its construction the
braided lead is far more durable and tough than a
standard extension lead and with IP66 plug and
socket it can be used in wet and dry conditions.

-1.5mm² cable for 10amp & 2.5mm² cable for 15amp

IP 66 Plugs and Sockets

IP 66 Plugs and Sockets

– Triple insulated cable
– Tinned copper braid is connected to the earth
for additional protection
– Australian Certified IP66 3 pin plug and socket
– Heavy duty strain reliefs
-Super flexible cable eliminates tangles and provides
longer life expectancy than standard cable
– Reduced electromagnetic interference
– Impact tested to 100 Joule
– Manufactured to Australian & New Zealand
standards AS/NZS 3112,3120,3191 & 3199

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