Promax 300 Welding Helmet

Promax 300 automatic welding helmet

Promax 300 welding helmet

Auto darkening welding helmets from Tokentools’ range protect the neck, ears, face and most importantly the eyes from the intense UV light and heat, sparks and other associated hazzards with welding. Buy your auto darkening welding helmets online from Tokentools today!


Weldclass’ most popular, Australia wide best-selling Welding Helmet!

PROMAX 300 Automatic Welding Helmet is a quality designed and manufactured product.


> Enjoy a Generous Viewing Area – larger than many other helmets in this class (98 x 51mm)
> 2 year/24 month Warranty – Up to 100% longer than other helmets in this class
> Affordable Performance: No Quality Short-Cuts & Great Value

> Functions: Shade, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, plus Grind-Mode switch (locks the lens in light shade)
> High-Impact tested and rated to Australian standard AS1337.1
> ‘Hinge & Lock’ Lens Retainer System = Easy cover lens replacement, Seals tightly against spatter to prevent damage to electronic lens
> Magnification lens holder – takes standard magnification lenses
> ‘360 Sweatband’ – Provides Cushioning and Sweat Absorption at the Front, Back and Sides
> Triple Power Source: 2 replaceable batteries plus solar assist
> ‘Full Laminate’ Lens Construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life. This is in contrast to cheaper lenses which are simply glued on the edge and, over time, are prone to contamination and failure.
> Shell constructed from special Dupont nylon material – Lightweight, Durable and Shock Resistant

> Ideal for MIG & Stick Welding, also suits TIG applications down to 40 amps
> For: Light to Medium Fabrication, Rural, Maintenance, etc

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